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Final Report Now Available

The final report From Quanta to the Continuum: Opportunities for Mesoscale Science is now posted on the BES website here and here.  We thank everyone in the community who contributed to our four Town Halls in Boston (February 2012), San Diego (March 2012), San Francisco (April 2012), and Chicago (May 2012), to the ACS webinar (April 2012), and the more than one hundred members of the community who contributed to this website. 


The Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee will carry out a study of mesoscale materials and chemistry, the regime where classical, microscale and nanoscale science meet. The study will address two areas: (i) new mesoscale phenomena and functionality, and (ii) facilities and tools needed to make, characterize and describe mesoscale materials, phenomena and functionality.

The mesoscale materials and chemistry report draws its motivation from three themes developed in earlier BESAC and BES reports:

  • The need for innovation, articulated in the Science for Energy Technology Report
  • The insights and tools we have gained and are still gaining from nano, articulated in the New Science for a Secure and Sustainable Energy Future Report
  • The grand challenges of materials and chemistry, articulated in the Grand Science Challenges Report

Science for Energy Technology ReportNew Science for a Secure and Sustainable Energy Future ReportGrand Science Challenges Report

These reports can be found on the BES website here.

Community input for the mesoscale materials and chemistry study will be collected through four town hall meetings in meetings at the Boston American Physical Society March meeting (February 27-March 2, 2012), the San Diego American Chemical Society Meeting (March 25-29, 2012), at the San Francisco MRS meeting (April 9-13, 2012), in Chicago in May, and through a public input page on this website (see navigation bar on the left). Please see the public input page for the preferred format for input. All members of the materials and chemical sciences communities are invited to provide input to the subcommittee through participation in the town hall meetings and through the public input page. We look forward to receiving your thoughtful and creative ideas.

Subcommittee for the Mesoscale Materials and Chemistry Report

George Crabtree (ANL and UIC) and John Sarrao (LANL), Co-chairs
Paul Alivasatos, LBNL
Bill Barletta, MIT (BESAC)
Frank Bates, Minnesota
Gordon Brown, Stanford (BESAC)
Roger French, CWRU (BESAC)
Laura Greene, UIUC (BESAC)
John Hemminger, Irvine (Chair, BESAC)
Marc Kastner, MIT
Bruce Kay, PNNL (BESAC)
Jennifer Lewis, UIUC
Mark Ratner, Northwestern (BESAC)
Tony Rollett, CMU
Gary Rubloff, Maryland
John Spence, Arizona (BESAC)
Doug Tobias, Irvine (BESAC)
John Tranquada, Brookhaven (BESAC)

Last update: October 5, 2015